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What is Direct Flight Surgeon Contracting

Just as employers negotiate contracts for products and services for their company, the same opportunity exists between employers and healthcare providers.  Direct Flight Surgeon Contracting affords the employer the ability to offer aeromedical healthcare benefits to its employees.  Whether as an addition to an existing healthcare benefits plan or as the sole healthcare offering, aeromedical services aim to improve employee recruitment and retention, increase productivity, maintain professional qualifications and certifications, reduce out-of-pocket medical spend, and provide high quality healthcare services.

Today, most working Americans spend approximately $4,000 annually between monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs with employers sharing on average $6,000 in premium costs.  Roughly 80% of Americans don't ever reach their annual deductible, which results in an average out-of-pocket spend for medical services of $350 - $1,200 annually.  Add into the mix, limited accessibility to their physician, short and pressured appointments and you have a less than ideal scenario.  Although Direct Flight Surgeon Contracting doesn't eliminate employee out-of-pocket medical costs, it does put them back in the driver seat.  Employer sponsored Direct Flight Surgeon Contracting gives the employee the power to decide how they want to spend their healthcare dollars, where they want to spend their healthcare dollars, and most importantly if they want to spend their dollars on healthcare. 

How Direct Flight Surgeon Contracting Works

The employer and Dr. Cannell enter into a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which outlines the employer and Dr. Cannell's respective responsibilities in the partnership.   The employer contracts for Flight Surgeon services performed by Dr. Cannell for an annualized Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) fee.   In return, Dr. Cannell provides the employer and employee(s) with the following services: 

  1. FAA medical certification examinations

  2. Special Issuance authorization examinations and consultations.

  3. Care management and coordination services with steerage of employees to low cost high quality services

  4. Preventive care such as heart disease and cancer screenings

  5. Basic chronic disease management services such as high blood pressure treatment

  6. Medical evaluations and treatments of acute conditions such as lower back pain

  7. Employer healthcare plan design consultations

  8. Analysis of employer's medical claims data for opportunity analysis


All of this makes the Direct Flight Surgeon Contracting model for the aviation employer ideal.  As you peruse through our site, pay particular attention to the length of my appointments, the ease of scheduling, the multiple platforms to access Dr. Cannell and Rebecca, the competitive costs, and then decide for yourself whether this model is right for your employees.

For more information e-mail Dr. Cannell at:

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